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Free shipping for orders above $150 across Australia
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Boho Jewellery Made in Australia

Handmade Jewellery Inspired by the Beach, Nature, and Beauty
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Handcrafted Boho Jewellery Made in Australia

Our designs are inspired by nature, innate beauty, and the simple things in life. This allows us to create pieces that are timeless and will never go out of style!
Amley Jewellery is an Australian owned and run small business that makes and sells its unique and original handcrafted jewellery. Whether you're looking for a gift or just want to treat yourself - we've got something for everyone!
We Take Pride in the Quality of Our Work
Amley Jewellery is the place where creating beautiful, handmade pieces of jewellery become an art form. We pride ourselves on high quality craftsmanship and design, while offering sophisticated yet affordable pieces.

Be the Centre of Attention

Browse our unique collection of Boho Jewellery and accessories all made in Australia with love and attention.
Browse our unique collection of Boho Jewellery and accessories.
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What is Boho Jewellery?

Boho (short for Bohemian) style jewellery draws its inspiration from nature, embodying the connection to the earth, the universe, and the self.
The Boho style, although the exact origins are still debated, is commonly said to have formed out of a counterculture after the French revolution, where it is likened to the Romani way of life.
In recent years, Boho jewellery has regained its popularity, now being an incredibly popular style and trending with creatives and even celebrities.
Boho jewellery is perfect for anybody who wishes to connect deeper with nature or who want to wear natural materials.
100% Australian, unique, and handmade.

Beautiful Boho Jewellery for the Modern Bohemian

We, at Amley Jewellery, create beautiful handmade pieces with natural materials. Our Boho jewellery range is for women who value craftsmanship and originality, using natural materials to draw you closer to nature while giving you a unique but trendy look.
Browse our unique collection of Boho Jewellery and accessories.
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Jewellery for the Free-Spirited Bohemian

Boho Jewellery is the perfect gift for those free-spirited women in your life who love natural, unique accessories.
If you are looking for a stunning boho style gift, look no further. You will find exactly what you are looking for at Amley Jewellery.
Amley Jewellery are inspired by the beauty of nature, with each piece hand-crafted to perfection using only the finest quality materials.

Handmade Australian Boho Jewellery

Amley Jewellery offers high-quality handmade Australian made Boho jewellery. Each piece is unique and guaranteed to tie your outfit together perfectly.
  • Minimalist Choker

    A simple choker goes a long way, and can be paired with almost any outfit.
  • Necklaces

    We have a wide variety of Boho necklaces in different styles and colours. Our longer necklaces are fully adaptable to how you want to wear them, giving you the option to wear it long, or allowing you to wrap it around to create a double strand effect.
  • Necklace & earring combinations

    Never worry about finding the perfect match when pairing your jewellery again! Amley Jewellery offers stunning matching necklace and earring sets.
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